Introduction to Computer Programming | What is it? Programming Language Types

in this tutorial you will learn the concept of computer programming and the types of programming languages available including the machine level assembly, higher and middle level languages with their advantages and disadvantages.

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0:00 : Introduction to Computer Programming and Who is a Programmer
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12:59 : Compilation and Interpretation Methods Explained

A computer is a general purpose machines which can perform many computational task and the modern day computers that we have they can perform billions or trillions of calculations within a fraction of second.
These computer’s they can’t really do anything on their own. so for a computer to do something one has to give the instructions to it and these instructions will contain step by step information to perform a specific task and these are called as program.

The person who is going to write these instructions or the program is called as the programmer and here the programmer will write the program and the computer will execute that or computer will work on that instructions

The language in which the instructions are written or the language in which this program is written is called as the programming language. now there are several types of programming languages available.

Computers are built to understand the binary language / machine language and since it is difficult to code, assembly languages are invented.
After that middle and higher level languages were invented.

program written in middle / higher language are converted to machine code and executed in either through the compilation method or by using the interpretation method.

languages which use compilation method are called as compiled languages.
for example c, c++ etc.

languages which use interpretation method are called as interpreted languages.
for example python

you will also learn about the terms like program programming programmer compiler and interpreter, compilation and interpretation.

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  1. I am just starting to learn about programming, I know only a hardware parts and how to install windows and solve common issues. So that's the level, but I am a fast learner and I just started to have a passion for programming after watching Silicon Valley, Richard's algorithm made me think, I would love to invest my time into learning how to be a programmer. This is the second video I am watching and I took notes about everything you said. I definitely like your video and thank you for the information you shared with us, thumbs up and subscribed 🙂 I'm gonna watch more of your shoot !

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