Introduction to Callbacks | JavaScript Tutorial in Hindi #52

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31 thoughts on “Introduction to Callbacks | JavaScript Tutorial in Hindi #52”
  1. Sir, your way of explaining programming is great, you make things easy by connecting the concept from real life day to day examples.
    I have been very grateful to you because I have watched your entire series on front end web development, git, HTML, CSS and javascript.
    You have made course on ReactJS but you didn't make course on Angular and Typescript which is the most needed technology in the field of web development.
    I request you to please consider making videos on Angular and Typescript aswell.

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  4. Bhai, please do reply if you reading. Or , if anyone reading this who already have completed the course, please do help. Regarding python course, mein start kar raha hoon. Ek confusion hai.

    I see Python course for below – Has both playlist and also there is another 15 hours course for beginners.
    Which one to go for ? I am completely confused.
    Once confirmed, i will start this courses stydying right now. Thanks in advance.

    Python Playlist.

    Python Tutorial For Beginners In Hindi (With Notes)

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