Installing a Lync 2013 Standard Edition Server

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Run through of the processes involved in installing a Lync 2013 Standard Edition server. Related to the blog article so some comments may not make sense unless you’ve seen the blog!

13 thoughts on “Installing a Lync 2013 Standard Edition Server

  1. Dear sir, when I publish the topology it error need SQL Server ? but install SQL Server Full but it still error ? could please you guide me some ? thanks

  2. thanks for the video. but i have the challenge of "intall or update lync server system" on the deployment wizard.
    i get the error message "this product cannot be installed in the domain controller"

  3. "server schema prepare task execution failed on an unrecoverable error" I cant prepare schema, my user is member of schema and enterprise admins, also administrators, any help please

  4. Definitely one of the most helpful, to the point videos I've found. I really wish you had a video for installing and configuring an Edge server!

  5. Hi Mark,

    Great Video.  I have a couple questions.  Can the Lync Server install work with Office Webapps running on Office 365?  I am an Office 365 Enterprise E4 user, and I'd like to use Enterprise voice, which requires a local Lync Server.  Trying to find a concise explanation on ho to install and set this up has been difficult.

  6. Hello mark! Great video! I have a quick question for you. I currently have a 2003 domain running a 2007 office communicator server. I want to upgrade to a 2013 lync server which I plan on installing on a 2012 vm. Can I start the installation on the VM without it having an impact on the current 2007 OC server? If I prepare the domain and forest like you did in the beginning of this video, will that affect production in anyway? What is the best way to start the transition?? Please help! Thanks!!

  7. спасибо, хоть я ни черта не понял что ты там говорил, но по видеоряду очень полезно 🙂

  8. Were you able to install Lync 2013 on your domain controller? From the video it looks like you only have 1 machine. Or do you have 3: DC, Awapps, lyncfe? Thanks for posting this video!

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