Installing a Domain Controller – Best Practices for Windows Server 2008 R2


In this guide I go through all the configurations to prepare your Windows Server 2008 R2 server to promote it to a Domain Controller. I cover everything from activating Windows to setting the static IP address, to a fully functional domain controller.

Best Practices in this video:

1. Do not create your domain with the same FQDN as your external site (web hosting). For example, in this tutorial i create a domain called I could not use because that is the web address I would like to use. If you where to use the same FQDN for both the internal and external namespace your DNS server would have a harder time to distinguish between the two. So its best to create your internal domain with a separate namespace as your external (web site) name.

2. When choosing the location of the NTDS.dit, NTDS logs, and SYSVOL they should all three be stored on a separate HDD with no other applications or files. This helps with speed in accessing your database and authentication.

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  1. Conclusion


    During the build of the test environment everything was
    working correctly. We’ve added a new image file which contains the required
    software. This method of deploying operating systems is a great method because
    this is a very fast way to deploy incase of upgrades and updates.



    My Advise is to make a new image file every 6 month. Also i
    advise to make more images for different end stations, for example a laptop. I
    also think that the limit of the users their homefolders is too low.В  50 MB is not enough, and i advise to increase
    the capacity.

  2. While setting up IP address, here is a little mistake with subnet mask, instead of subnet mask, it should be….thought to inform to avoid any misunderstanding.

  3. I did this a number of times back in college on server 03, but i was feeling nervous and rusty. you my friend are amazing. the calm mentality the relate-able style of explanation. i thank you sir. one subscriber well earned 🙂

  4. Hello Paul. Thank you very much for a great tutorial.В  (there should have been a disclaimer about this being a 2 to 3 hour project… aurgh)В  Add to the mix that Windows wanted to send 5 meg update and Adobe wanted to play, too.В  The only thing I did backwards was the com ports.В  So, I had to lie to the computer.В  We'll see how that goes.В  I should be okay.В  Thanks again.

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