I'm Not The Best Programmer


I’m not the best programmer. Like not even close. But I’m a pretty good software engineer. In fact, I recently got promoted. Today, I walk you through how software engineering is so much more than coding or programming. And I’ll tell you everything I’ve done or thought about to improve. I hope my journey inspires you to keep coding and continue your software engineering career.

I’m a 23 year old, recent graduate working at a high growth startup! Follow along for insights into the tech industry, all things startup, and what to expect as a recent-grad remote software engineer.

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  1. Reading code is so important! I only read code of my seniors for days and got so addicted that I started reading random project codes from github to understand the mentality of the dev to solve a problem! Although that created one more problem, I loved to read code more than writing one! But soon I started coding a lot and all the reading came to a lot of help!

  2. Really enjoyed the video and the advice is solid but the premise felt like a strawman. Everyone knows that leetcode is a necessary evil for interviewing at big companies, and being a programmer is more than leetcoding.

  3. Amazing video, really struck down a lot of falsehoods in this industry and provided great actionable points for [junior] devs to grow with. You say your other passions are writing and philosophy, hah, no surprise there 😀 Honestly this feels like a video that might speak more to early/mid careers devs instead of juniors (looking for or in first job), but a junior dev could probably glean a lot from this.

    I really liked the concept of putting thought into slack replies and openly showcasing failures/mistakes as an opportunity to grow. If I could add anything, it would be:

    1) that devs should push for pair programming, it's a great opportunity to speed-level through lessons other devs have learned (if they understand the nature of pair programming being for that purpose, and not to code faster)


    2) giving presentations really forces you to look at something and doing this over and over is a great way to expand your skills.

    I learn things from time to time, but when I have to give a presentation on how [x] works, i do a deep dive and really become more familiar with it, and really chew on the concepts to see if they make sense and are useful.

    Stay fresh Namanh!

  4. Hi, Great experience when listening to this. I heard that communication. So I asking one thing. How can you practice communication for non-English speaking countries? Because I am from India and my mother taught is Tamil.

  5. the way my eyes darted to the slack icon in my sidebar when you played that notif noise

    even though i changed my notification tone months ago

  6. On this theme, I recommend people check out the new version of the Pragmatic Programmer book. Was just updated after 20 years and goes into a lot of this and more. Surprisingly, the audio book version is well done as well.

  7. Thank you for this. My company hired a new guy that has fresher knowlege than my but cant read code because his late place never maintained anything. I feel better about myself, thanks

  8. Awesome list! I've found all of these to be true in my dev career.

    A couple more personal guide points:

    – Celebrate the victories of others – if someone does good work or has a good idea, give credit, share it with the group. It will have a great effect on future team input.

    – Give honest feedback, focus on positives – by "positives", I mean actionable items or thoughts that lend understanding. "You're doing great!" or worse "This is awful!" doesn't help anyone grow.

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