Welcome to if league had a global server 2, its been a year since the first original one xD Sorry i didn’t put that many accents in, didn’t really focus on that this time but i hope you still enjoyed it 🙂 (It was originally meant to be called “if League Was An FPS” though it fit the title “if league had a global server” more than “if League Was An FPS”)

(Cool Fact)
Many people argued on the original If League Had A Global Server whether the high pitch girl was Lilypichu or Kiitty, it is in fact neither but whats cool is that Lily and Kiitty are both in this video! XD

(Cool Fact #2)
I’ve actually have been working on this video for 10 months, and it was very on-off. sometimes i felt like getting peoples recordings and other times i couldn’t be bothered or my friends took forever to send me their recordings xD

Gift in Glass (feat. Josh Hand)
Fig Leaf Times Two
The Land of the Wizard
Naruto OST 1 – Go Go Naruto!
ReZero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu Ending

Blue Team:
The Squeaker – Kiitty
The Toxic Guy – Friend
The Guy whos dad works for Riot: RedRiot (lol)
The Hacker – Friend
The Rapper – Mr4Eva

Red Team:
The Female “Streamer” – Friend
The Support Main – Friend (My 100th Subscriber)
The Feminist – Lilypichu
The Average Girl Gamer – Friend

The thumbnail background: http://goo.gl/BSM5NQ

i wonder how many of you read down to here to see this:

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27 thoughts on “If League Had A Global Server 2”
  1. Omg I hate the girl team, I'm so glad they aren't like that, when my friend and me play we just fake moan and scream big pp a lot hahahaha

  2. Congrats ? for predicting wild rift servers being global having the cheng's the boys from Japan the boys in the Philippines the weird Koreans and most importantly the american complaining why the game still isn't released in their country yet

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