I will be hosting a new feature on a Sky Sports show

During the Premier league darts I will be filming a new feature that I will be hosting around the return of fans to the darts and be playing some fun little games …

38 thoughts on “I will be hosting a new feature on a Sky Sports show

  1. This is great news and a fantastic addition – I always said you should have a presenting/commentating role…but after your darts career – Looking forward to seeing you, time for SKY to dump Mardull & Webster !

  2. Congratulations!!! I said recently you should commentate on live boards and you said ' Wellllll maybe down the line many years! ' Psychic predictions for sports proffessionals dot com. Huge viewing figures for Sky and your channel next! Massive support from all of us here!! Go on son.

  3. Well done Mr Prime Time Edgar ??Really pleased you have got this opportunity. You are made for TV!! your "not too serious" approach I think it will be great and refreshing. Keep doing what you are doing we love it?

  4. Great news that matt gonna be on the live watchalong tonight gonna be awesome I'm a bit surprised at that to be fair I mean I thought you might be replacing someone in the premier league or jodies pregnant jodie told me she ain't but really shocked but so happy for you

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