I learned a system for remembering everything

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34 thoughts on “I learned a system for remembering everything”
  1. Podcasts and audiobooks give the illusion of multitasking, without necessarily leaving you with anything useful. Personally I can easily fall out of what's on my ears and into my own mind and thoughts when something's playing, without even realizing. I think what's most important about Ryan's technique's to highlight and take notes in the book as you read, even if you don't make notecards, because then you take more time to consider what you're reading and the level of importance each piece of information has.

  2. I am also in the goldfish end of this scale currently. I also have difficulty remembering out of the ordinary events in my life, like where we went for holiday last year, etc. I came across a video by Artem Kirsanov called "How to REMEMBER what you read 🧠" where he was talking about an article I HIGHLY recommend reading for anyone who wants to improve their long term memory. The article (more like an essay but its worth the read) is called "Augmenting Long-term Memory" and is written by Michael Nielsen.
    For a while now I am trying to build this second brain thing, so I am looking forward to the next video. And this video was very informative as well, gonna try this way of reading, even if it is slowing me down a lot 😀

  3. Instead of using note cards, I do it by using notion. Writing on note cards makes my hand exhausted because I read really a lot and make highlights really a lot haha


  5. I've come across Ryan's system of using an analog "second brain" which is really helpful but if you want to maybe digitise it then check out Tiago Forte and his course & book on Building A Second Brain.

  6. Hi Matt. Thanks for this great video. The technique of note taking and storing thoughts is originally invented (and brought to perfection) by the german sociologist Niklas Luhmann. His "Zettelkasten" (english for box of cards) was his second brain and he even wrote a paper about conversations with his Zettelkasten.

  7. i have used a similar method for close to 30 years, although now it is a digital / analog hybrid. As i am not a great reader (slow and often rereading the same line), i use an app on either my iphone or ipad called Voice Dream. I can set it to read at about 300 words per minute out load with a guided box running across the words. i then write notes from what i heard, often pausing the app. i use pencil for my notes, as i find this better if i need to fix spelling or errors in my notes. i then highlight my notes that i have written for review. i have used this process for studying for a range of certifications and exams. it has given me great recall even years later, coupled with the internet, i just need to remember what i want to search and can often find the exact content again. i have now been able to extend this to phone call conversations, even when i am in the car, tying important parts of the conversations with map references or buildings i am driving past. it means i just have to think about the building and then i can recall the order of the conversation.

  8. That is pretty awesome. I have a really good sense of memory and actually resonate with this. I post videos about self development and just started 3 months ago. I would love your feedback. I hope they can help at least 1 person watching 💜🙏🏽

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