The Great British Bakeoff, Masterchef, The Hairy Bikers and many more cooking related tv shows. All of these competitions seek to find the greatest chef that ever lived, but I have something they don’t. EA’s Life simulation video game, Sims 4. Join the adventure as Schmegg Wallace, Alan Fossil and Debra Von Taschenrechner duke it out to become the head cook at my new restaurant ‘The Frying House’. Who will decide their fate? none other than artist and musician Schmablo Picasso.

We’ve got baking, we’ve got BBQ, we’ve got frying and we’ve got grilling. Enjoy seeing more culinary skill than Gordon Ramsay, Gregg Wallace, Mary Berry, Paul Hollywood, Guy Fiery and that one guy from Man vs Food combined. Thanks for watching 🙂

Also I spelt ‘Gordon’ and ‘Quarter’ wrong in this video wow my spelling is bad

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27 thoughts on “I Hosted my own Cooking Competition in Sims 4.”
  1. man i really like your videos. I am learning English, and I love how the British pronounce it, so I kill two birds with one stone watching your videos: I learn English and at the same time how to pronounce like a British.

  2. Dude. I live a few towns away from Baden Wittenberg. When I'm on the train i always hear it's name as the next stop.

    When i heard you say that place's name i was kind of scared and thought "does this guy know where i live?!" until i remebered it's a youtube video and he wasnt talking to only me

    anyways…. As sombody who lives in germany next to Baden Wittenberg I can confirm that this woman is in fact the current queen of that exitic province. She also has a pet jaguar and married filthy frank

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