Help me prepare and host a vintage market in my small boutique in Odense. It was a lot of work but fun, and I hope that you enjoy this video of the process.

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35 thoughts on “I hosted a vintage market in my boutique”
  1. I’m always surprised of how comfortable you are in the boutique by yourself. I would be worried about being in the storage area with the doors open in the upper part towards the street. Denmark must be a safe place ?? You might want to buy a baby monitor to be able to see the activity in the boutique while you’re preparing orders.

  2. Your boutique looks BEAUTIFUL! I pray your sale was a huge SUCCESS! I will browse your sale. Is it still going on? Just a suggestion for boutique security for you dear Elise because you're often alone in your boutique. If you don't have a security cam in place, perhaps putting a security camera focused on your shop door so you can see who's coming in and out of your boutique while you're busy packing orders away from the front area. Love your vlogs. ??

  3. Success! None of us can look in a crystal ball, or see into the future. You just do your best… and look, great work, and beautiful. You'll have lots of great customers who remember this sale, and will come back.

  4. Hello, I am so glad to see you again and I hope enjoyed this video very much. I love the dressing up for work idea and you should definitely do it again. In England we would call your first dress a Cocktail Dress as it is to your knee. You looked beautiful , it could have been made for you. Dress number two was a beautiful gown, cos it was to the floor, and again you looked utterly wonderful in it. Dress three was the black one I think and you looked casually stunning haha. Dress four was good but not as good as the previous ones and number five was cute and you looked gorgeous. Your hair is looking good too. Boo seems calmer than when I saw her last month. I am so glad that all your hard work produced a good sale, let’s hope the next three are just as good. I am happy to hear that you are seeing someone again, I will keep my fingers crossed that it goes on well. Don’t give foo much of yourself away to early otherwise you can open yourself up for heartache but I wish you great joy.
    Talk again soon, keep safe and stay well dear friend I, Best Wishes and love
    Mary-Jane xx

  5. Love seeing Luna, it makes me smile ? I so miss my lil bunnies so much?? You should really be proud of all your amazing accomplishments вќ¤пёЏвќ¤пёЏвќ¤пёЏ

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