I Hosted a Truly Classy Event on Omegle

MUSIC: Free 30 day trial for the music & sound effects library I use: http://share.epidemicsound.com/darrenlevy I accidentally deleted the descriptions from my …

49 thoughts on “I Hosted a Truly Classy Event on Omegle

  1. there was a time when a

    Aryabhatta gave zero to the world……and now we want to color the world with Indian swear words… :-p

  2. Darren, recent watcher first time commenter. Fun vids and a good adjust for times honestly. But stopping the half windsor to teach the four in hand tie knot was rubbish. Cheers mate

  3. dude that commie kid is fin carrying content throughtout his persona i wish i knew him in person @commie kid if u r reading this plz mssssg meeeeeeee u r finnnnnnn great i9 would join ur party and be ur dog

  4. have a nice week God loves you God bless Jesus died for you Jesus is King there is no love greater than Jesus. spread the Gospel and positivity <3

  5. can someone please make a sound on tiktok with the "dont look at me like that" "you amaze me" sound but put the commie kid saying dont look at me like that and add the "darren stop!" at the end? 🤣🤣🤣

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