I hosted a $10,000 Invitational tournament…

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This is my first video on my YouTube channel. I hosted a $10,000 Invitational tournament and invited 180 competitive teams to play this tournament. In this tournament, there will be 4 rounds, In every round 8 will teams will get eliminated.

– Qualifier round 1 – (32 teams) 16 teams will move on to the next round.

– Qualifier round 2 – (16 teams) 8 teams will move on to the next round.

– Semi Finals – (8 teams) 4 teams will move on to the finals

– Grand Finals – (4 teams)

Teams that will participate in the grand finals will only will the prize. There are 32 competitive teams in this tournament. There is a total prize of $10,000. Hope you guys will like video.

I will soon doing a only for subscribers tournament. Subscribe and stay tuned for that. I will upload more information about this soon.

Hope you enjoyed the video.

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