One of the rarest ways the impostors can win. That’s why it’s called “Style Points”.
Because you risk it all, for little return, other than to flex on the crewmates.
Watch and Steve and Janet toy with their food…


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Stream Date: 18th January 2021
Season 18 Playlist:


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35 thoughts on “HOW TO WIN IN STYLE!”
  1. Dumbdog time! Time to sing it wrong! Time to vote out the only crew-mate!
    Dumbdog Time! The best laugh of the year! But he will cry a bucket today!
    I know who I want to throw my game!

  2. wandavision was kinda meh on first watch, but at least since then blade has made a voice appearance in the mcu!! know steve is excited for that at least

  3. I have to say, I enjoy DumbDog's singing a hell of a lot more than Sips'.

    Also, does anyone know if there's any benefit to killing in lab and then leaving out left door? Steve didn't do it this video, but he's done it a few times before. It seems so much more risky than just leaving out the vent.

  4. When Steve was guarding the body, I was yelling "Vent out of there, you absolute fool!" the whole time. 😂

    The best part is that he nearly got caught when he did vent out. 🤣

  5. When I played Among Us regularly, my favourite thing to do as impostor was to win with "Style Points".
    Basically on a meeting on 6, vote out one crewmate. Then instead of just getting a kill on 5, call a meeting and vote out the person that was "paired with the ejected crewmate".
    Essentially have Crew vote out 2 Crewmates in a row! Way more interesting that just winning via sab then kill right?

    Did anyone else get any "Style Points" victories?

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