How to Start learning PLC Programming in Industrial Automatoin II (Free PLC Programming Softwares)


In this video you learn about PLC progarmming and how one can start learning industrial automation.
PLC Basics and sensor basics are important to start learning industrial automation. PLC programming for beginners and the softwares of DELTA,OMRON and Selec is given. PLC is must for every automation engineer and it act as base for understanding industrial automation. PLC can be programmed with Ladder logic, Structured Text, Function Block Diagram, and Instruction List. PLC are very robust and easy to start.

Link of PLC Programming Software: (CX Programmer, ISPSoft, Selpro):


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  1. sir, In sinamic drive g120c, when I set parameter p10 to 0, motor gets run but when I switched off the drive and again turn it on p10 itself change to 1 and motor doesn't run so how do I set p10 to 0 permanently ?

  2. your videos are worth watching I am big fan of your channel… Can you suggest how to choose best #plc to become expert?? Omron / Fatek/ siemens/ Allen Bradely? and how I access PLC simulation software?

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