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How to Setup a Website on a VPS Server!

Looking for a quick, easy way of hosting a website on a VPS host? A virtual private server is particularly quick at serving webpages to users, and usually doesn’t cost a lot more than shared hosting.

In this example, I use DigitalOcean, which allows you to create a VPS server for just $5 per month! DigitalOcean, a simple cloud hosting company, have multiple datacentres in the USA, and Europe! This makes DigitalOcean one of the most popular web hosting companies for cheap VPS hosting!

To access DigitalOcean, please click the link below:

In order to manage our VPS server, we will use free open source software, such as zPanel. This enables us to manage services such as FTP, and MySQL databases! You can also use software such as WebMin to manage your VPS server, but I’ll cover that in another video.

You can download zPanel from the link below:

Or alternatively, click here to visit the installation tutorial:

Some other tools that are required in order to setup the VPS host:




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36 thoughts on “How to Setup a Website on a VPS Server!

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  2. Digitalocean is great, but I heard OVH is a lot better for vps services, but self hosting, in my opinion, is the best choice for hosting, despite the higher time devotion and more security considerations to keep in mind.

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  4. Good tutorial. Does anyone recommend doing a VPS for speed? I know he said the specs for the VPS' but I'm not sure how much it can handle. Compared to say bluehost or hostgator hosting?

  5. hi, great tutorial.. but i had some errors.. i cant connect using ftp to my zpanel.. i dont know y.
    i followed your steps, but when i tried to connect using filezilla error occurred ..
    please help me.. thank you so much….

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