How to setup a Minecraft Server with Hamachi (No Portforwarding)

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48 thoughts on “How to setup a Minecraft Server with Hamachi (No Portforwarding)

  1. Hello, I did everything, but when I try to log in to the server it doesn't give me either! and writes that: Disconnecting /************: Failed to verify username!
    [17:55:36 ERROR]: Username 'ani672' tried to join with an invalid session
    [17:55:36 INFO]: /************ lost connection: Failed to verify username!
    What do I do now?

  2. Everyone that's having the "my friend can't join" error!

    1. Your friend must have Hamatchi open and in your server.

    2. Change the port to 25525. ( Works for alot of users? )

    3. Make sure your friend and yourself has a updated Java

    4. Make sure they are on the correct version.

  3. when i do this, it says the port is being used, but ik for a fact its not. i will also close anything java though the task manager. but when i take the hamachi ip out. itll load the server up just fine. but then my friends or me cant join the server.

  4. if i host it on old ip etc i was able to join , now when i host it with himachi i cant join , friends cant join either , wached like 20 videos of how to host server to play with u friends and none of them didnt work….

  5. Okay so for those of you that don't have this 'server' folder in your documents. What you need to do is install Java. Surprisingly I didn't have it. If you do have it installed, download the minecraft server from the official minecraft page, right click the zip file you get and then go through 'open with – java' in the dialogue menu.

  6. hey i have created the network and password and all. I am a bit of a noob when it comes to this server folder thing. i have no clue what you mean by that. where do i create or download this server folder? please thanks.

  7. I'm using hamachi to make my server and the first day it worked and my friend was able to join but the second day, the server jar opened then closed immediately. I've uninstalled then reinstalled hamachi over and over and it always works the first day but never the second. The error it gives me in the log files is that it failed to bind to port. The EULA is true and my firewall is off. How do I either close the ports and then reopen them or fix this issue otherwise. The server jar opens fine once i change my ipv4 address but then my friends cant join. Also I'm on University wifi so i cant portforward i dont think. Plz help fix hamachi thank you 🙂

  8. Alright. Where do I get the server files from? I went on the minecraft website and only found 1.10. I think I found the files, but they dont contain anything that your server files do. Please help.

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