Just Josh is here to help you pick the best laptop for programming in 2022! Josh is a professional programmer and laptop …

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  1. lmao did I just watch someone suggest a variety of apple macbooks for 'software development'. go back to product development buddy!

  2. Huh. Whole development area is not covered at all. And this is not small area. Like DevOps, Automation. Multi product development. Like for proper development you need small k8s cluster, kafka, etc. just to run and test your apps.

  3. My friend is telling me to exchange the laptop because the resolution is only at 1300px and not 1920×1080. This is my first laptop and I want to use it to start writing code. Is this enough of a reason to exchange the laptop or should I keep it?

  4. his main complaint about DPI / display scaling is because he's on Windows. I run a Legion 5 Pro on Linux and use KDE and Linux is way ahead here, as we've got graphics server based font rendering and handling. It's more like OS X than Windows in its implementation, especially since 2012+ where FreeType has some patches applied to use more OS X inspired backend logic.

  5. NGL ThinkPads are technically one of the best programming laptops tbh
    (Best keyboards, reasonably good displays, options of both ryzen and Intel, and also superb linux support)

  6. I think the message of the video should be that it doesn't matter. Programming is about ideas and the development process. can be done on any machine running Linux

  7. Thanks for this video! I'm a programming student and my current laptop was hitting it's limits( i've being trying to limit my usage and adapt but i can't do that anymore) so i've being looking up nice laptops i could buy and ngl i got very confused cuz i see many different recommendations some say this laptop is good some say it's bad i was very confused 😅. This video and your review videos were really just.. right to the point i like them so much Thanks!!

  8. You actually WANT a 4K screen on a 17" screen?! It only has downsides compared to a 1080p at that screen size:
    1. It's dimmer than an 1080p and typically has lower refresh rate
    2. you are required to start scaling your desktop so in some cases it loses any advantage
    3. the worst thing is that some older hardware doesn't scale well and it doesn't interact well with your OS's configurations so it's either unusable or just scaled hideously

  9. awesome, very relative and detailed. Thank you for such a collaboration. Please include a short comment or some short test that would be useful for developers in laptop reviews. 🙂

  10. Let me add my few lines, for what it is worth:

    1. For students, Mac and Linux are the awesome shit. I use(d) my Macbook 16inch and it is exactly capable of what I wanna do in university. Do not go 8GB (It is like 30bugs less) It is not worth it and Chrome will punish you.
    2. When I am working, many bigger companies use Windows, because Microsoft has the upper hand in enterprise administration. Many programms written in C#, C,C++ will not compile on Mac and you will have to do ALOT of adapting, which would not be worth it at all. I suggest a Windows Laptop here.
    3. That said Windows has this beautiful software: Microsoft Visual Studio, which is a beast of an IDE. It likes 6 Cores+, a SSD and eats RAM.
    I found my computer (Chrome + Visual Studio + Outlook + Discord + Chess Website with Engine (1GB)) to be filled with 16 GBs of RAM. It might be time for you to go 32 GB, for me the time has come.

  11. If you're doing any kind of close to hardware or kernel level system programming DO NOT get the MacBook. MacOS don't have posix compatible system-calls and the biggest problem is the architecture which is ARM and not x86_64. There are more toolchains and compiler options in x86 not to mention you also get rid of the hassle of cross compiling for 2 architectures. Always get a x86 laptop.

  12. Great video! However I don't agree with webcam comments. We don't have to even open cam. Listening to different professionals is very useful for any developer who want to upgrade his/her laptop.

  13. Since you're talking about which laptop is good in programming, let me tell you about what happened to me a week ago (btw, it has something to do with the topic). Last month, I've started a course in C programming, and the machine that I started with, was a 7+ year old Toshiba Satellite P50-B, which had an Intel Core i7-4700HQ CPU (4C/8T), 8 GB of DDR3L RAM (1600 MHz), 1 TB SATA SSD (initially, it had a 1 TB HDD) and an AMD Radeon R9 M265X graphics. Since I was required to use Linux for to write and compile the code, I installed Ubuntu on a VM and the performance was passable (I had a lot of sluggish animations, since this machine is old). But last week, the matrix of the screen got broken, and since my tasks (online education, because I'm a student in a university + this programming course) requires to use two screens at the same time, getting a new laptop was urgent. And because my birthday was close, I got myself an HP Pavilion 15 (eh-1060-nu), which has an AMD Ryzen 5 5500U CPU (6C/12T, Zen 2) with an integrated Radeon Vega 7 GPU, 8 GB of DDR4 RAM (3200 MHz, and in dual channel mode, which I'm planning to upgrade soon to 16 GB) and a 512 GB NVMe SSD, and so far, it's a great machine. Yes, I got it in the worst time possible (due to the release of new laptops with the latest generation of CPUs), but as I said, I needed a new one immediately. Now, my Ubuntu VM runs better than my old one, the design and features are good for the price, but there's one drawback, and it's on the audio side. The DAC on this laptop sucks (it lacks bass and depth), so I recommend to get an external adapter, if you want great audio while having your wired headphones connected.

  14. I love my Asus G14. Got an 8 core 16 thread Ryzen, and even a discreet GPU, albeat a GTX 1650, for 800 dollars, and paid like 60 dollars to upgrade the RAM to 24 GB. amazing machine that will last for years

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