How To Make $100 Per Day With Domain Flipping
a.k.a. Domaining
Check the 5 minute domain software:

In this video I’ll show you how to make $100 per day flipping domains. Also known as domaining, flipping domain names and digital real estate.

You will see the 4 part domain flipping blueprint. Find, buy, flip and profit. I will guide you through exactly what to do step by step in this video tutorial.

Find your domain by looking up locations or niches, and find your valuable domain from there. It’s easier to sell your domains to businesses that are specific to them, which is why the best way to make money online with domain names is to use the location + niche formula when finding domains.

Once you have found a good domain name, preferable dot com, you simply buy it on GoDaddy, and list the domain on either Sedo, Namesilo or GoDaddy Actions as a Premium domain (recommended way).

Once somebody buys your domain, you get paid via PayPal or your preferred method of payment. It’s an easy business model and requires no skills or special knowledge.

If you’re looking to make $100 per day buying and selling domains this is the best tutorial video to show you how. I have bought a lot of premium domains using the software at the end of the video, only taking me 5 minutes for each domain, and buying the domain for $12.

Flip that for 1K and do that 3 times per month, that’s $100 per day.

I hope this video has been helpful.




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Thanks for watching this domain flipping tutorial video.

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25 thoughts on “How To Make $100 Per Day With Domain Flipping – Step-By-Step Tutorial”
  1. Question >

    I have found very old domain on flippa like 15 years 18, or 20 years and bit was 1 Dollar or 5 dollars….I am still confused that very old domain in almost free.????

  2. Great video. One question I had is about the domain being expired – you mentioned it a couple of times. Is the thinking behind the expiration that it is more valuable because the original owner may want to buy it back? In addition to the keyword value?

  3. im a bit unsure about this, when i buy a domain at godaddy for like 10kr, how do i recieve the domain? how do i give it someone else after selling it? how is that process working?

    both on godaddy and buying a domain from a private person, how is the trading actually done?

  4. Amazing dude what a video to help people who are in need I know this work and I'm old in this work in 2019 I worked under a guy but in 2020 I started my own business and I have sold 5 domains in 2020 of domains buying selling please create a good script and tell me niches I'm out of niches I only sold domains in one niche that is Advertising ??

  5. I donРІР‚в„ўt really understand if I pay for a domain name for a yearly fee of say 10$ and then sell it for say 1000$ does the person/company have to pay 1000$ a year to me or to the domain name provider I originally bought it from? Or is that a one off payment to me ? Do they carry on my payments to the original seller or do I carry on paying the 10$

  6. are you sure we can sell the domain we just bought the next day? don't we have to wait for a few months before the domain could be moved to another name?

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