Warning! This video is slightly outdated but the general steps are the same. If you’re having issues, please contact our support team. Thank you!

This video explains how to give your game server a server icon.

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45 thoughts on “How to Get a Server Icon – Minecraft Java”
  1. Thanks Really Server.pro TEAM 🙂 but pls let the time of the queue pass fastly .. or skip it and let the server starts directli i hope u make that .. for the best 🙂 !! THANKS FOR EVERYTHING <3 BEST HOST 🙂

  2. Quick Question. My server randomly stopped and when i restarted and login it always says java.net.ConnectException: Connection Refused: no further information. And I cant get on at all, Im suing 1.7.10 btw Pls help!

  3. One question.
    I set my server to free..
    I put my ip and name on the server list
    Then i click paly and it says try restarting your game.. i tried once. Do i need to try more?

  4. Hello serverpro! I have 2 questions my paint.net does not look like yours and when I change the server to adventure mode and reset and unop and join it works to dystroy blocks please help. 🙂

  5. Sorry for the bother again but do you need premium for this? If you said Im kinda deaf XD. And Im on 1.7.10 is there any way I can update and get Statues plugin to work?

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