How to get a FREE Domain Name – Tips on choosing the right domain for your website!

Buying a domain name is a vital first step in setting up your website, and in this video, I tell you how to bag one FOR FREE! I’d really appreciate Subscribes and Comments if you found this video helpful. Just click: – I’m doing these videos to share my knowledge to newbies and those more experienced!

Elsewhere in this video, I also share SIX vital tips in ensuring you get the right domain name for your business.


Other domain name supplier alternatives are available including:

GoDaddy –
123Reg –
Low Cost Domains –

Please get in touch either through the comments if you managed to bag one – or reach me directly via my website:

6 thoughts on “How to get a FREE Domain Name – Tips on choosing the right domain for your website!

  1. Hey! This is so helpful thank you! I set up a website initially on, but I now want to have my own domain name and host site etc to make it look more professional. Am I able to do this with what I have created already or do I need to start from scratch? In all fairness, I'm not that impressed with how it looks at the moment anyway!

  2. Mmm. Just went to the recommended site for free domain name and the layout has changed – consequently there are lots of 'trick' boxes that are not at all clear. In the end I left it – if they have to do that I cannot trust there won't be something I've missed.

  3. Love the fact that you are sharing a free domain other than freenom. Cheers for the general tips on what to notice! Just subscribed, keep the good content rolling 😀

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