How to Find and Analyze Expired Domain Names for Free – By Josh MacDonald

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In this video, we talk about how to use Dom Cop to find expired domains for free. We then export the domains using a fancy method of extracting the domain names from HTML, also for free. Then we use GoDaddy bulk domain checker to see which ones are available. Second to last, we used Ahrefs, Moz and Majestic to check the domains metrics and check for spam. Lastly, we use the internet achieve way back machine to check if the domain had hosted Chinese content previously or if it had been a private blog network domain. This is the video you need to watch for finding expired domains for your PBN.

Tools we used:

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22 thoughts on “How to Find and Analyze Expired Domain Names for Free – By Josh MacDonald

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  2. Very nice tutorial. Love this video.
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  3. Hi Josh, Im looking to buy an active domain thats offered by go daddy auctions.When I type the domain in google up comes a live website.If i buy the domain,i probably dont get the website and content,but would I get the backlinks and seo that was done? The domain is 2years+old.Would appreciate your feedback

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