Access NEW POKEMON in Pokemon Unite EARLY with the new Public Test Servers! I’ll be showing you how to download it if you are outside of the playable regions.


Public test:





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27 thoughts on “HOW TO DOWNLOAD POKEMON UNITE PUBLIC TEST SERVERS! | Android & PC (iOS Alternative) + Free Access”
  1. 0:00 ANDROID
    6:14 PC/BLUESTACKS (Great alternative for iOS users if you have a PC)

    Sorry if I miss anything here in this text, it is now 9 AM and I haven't slept so I am gonna sleep now


    Public test:






    FOR OFFLINE MODE (FREE, you can just use free trial of VPN and then cancel. You will still have the offline mode play):
    – Download to 100% and create your avatar/name then close it and log in again just in case.
    – WITH VPN ON, load game up, turn WiFi off, error message will pop up, turn WiFi back on, rinse and repeat until it works. Sometimes you'll need to close the game completely. It takes me a few tries.
    – Keep trying until it works, this is how I did it at least on both Android and Bluestacks.
    – Once you have the offline mode option, you can cancel your trial and delete VPN!
    – This was pretty difficult to get working but it is possible, I'm not sure if it'll work the same for you, but this worked for me on Bluestacks and on my Samsung S10+

    – You'll have to make it an exception in Firewall/Antivirus, I just turned mine off briefly but only do that if you're comfortable with doing that.
    – I turned it right back on after I connected to the WiFi on bluestacks.

    – If just using the VPN for the trial, make sure to remember to unsubscribe for it! Usually in accounts -> manage subscription, etc.
    – Or it could be in your Google Play

  2. SuperTeeds I can’t seem to get the Offline Mode to work, when I turn off my WiFi the only message I get says network error and then the only button I have to click is Retry. Any suggestions?

  3. teeds you are one of the best content creators for unite, thank you so much for making this.. and you posted even more info in the comment section?? truly a good content creator

  4. Hey Teeds! hope you see this
    First of all thanks for this video it definitely helped a lot of people
    I really like ur content and the way u care for ur fans
    Can you pls help me too?
    In my device when I try to download APK it says "App not Installed", i have seen all the tutorials on YouTube how to fix this but nothing works… If u can help me then thanks a ton if not then no problem
    Anyway really love your content and pls never leave YouTube

  5. After downloading the test server and booting up the app it crashed my phone and now the phone won’t turn back on. Not worth the hassle. Just wait till they release the mons.

  6. If i want to go as guest the i cant log-in, why that happen?? I also dont know how to use vpn, but i really would like to Play glaceon and others..

  7. When I download Pokemon Unite public test app and when I open the game it doesn't say start it says guest and when I tap guest it says login failed error code 54001 I don't know why but I have this issue please someone reply to this I need help!🙏

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