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Have you ever heard about free RDP? Are you already familiar with the term of free RDP? If not, then you get the rightest youtube video to visit. In this tutorial, it will be obviously explained what free RDP is actually and how you can get it for free.

RDP is the abbreviation of Remote Dekstop Protocol. Free RDP is the remote desktop protocol which is implemented by the Apache license’s release. Remote Dekstop Protocol (RDP) deals with the protocol proprietary. Protocol proprietary was first developed by Microsoft. In this case, protocol proprietary provide a graphical interface for the users in order that it will connect to the other computer through network connection. This is how Remote Dekstop Protocol plays the function.

Google Cloud Platform Free Tier lets you use participating products for free. It gives a free credit of 400$ in order to use more than +20 free services and one of them is high-performance virtual machines (VPS servers). You can use Google cloud free offer to create an online virtual machine with Windows, Linux, or other OS and app of your choice. This is perfect for you if you need to run any app that needs to run 24 hours on Windows.

Since these virtual machines are stored on the Google cloud server, they are always up, your automation tool will be running throughout.

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