How to Convert Images Into Base 64 Data URLs with JavaScript

In today’s tutorial I’ll show you how to convert an image to data URL in JavaScript. This is very easy to do by using the FileReader object.

For your reference, check this out:

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9 thoughts on “How to Convert Images Into Base 64 Data URLs with JavaScript”
  1. Ive said this before on your videos I’ll say this again, these videos have very little to do with software engineering or improving your skills as a software developer and more to do with being good at following step by step instructions, aka tutorials. Channels like these are detrimental for beginners, this is not how problem solving skills are developed. Now I understand if you are showing how to solve problems or atleast make something challenging, but who the needs videos that are 4-10 mins long where you can literally google it in 30 seconds. This is contenting whoring and fishing for subscribers. It’s like language learning channels that never go past the first level

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