This past Friday, we ran our first ever kids tradenight in our shop! There were so many cards in the room, everyone was wheeling and dealing all night long. We had free food & lots of giveaways too, to help make the experience more fun for so many people who came to support us! Shoutout to Panini and From The Ashes Embroidery for helping to put on this event. Their donations really made this event a great time for all. Don’t forget to subscribe and leave a thumbs up for more cool content coming in the future. Planning our next tradenight soon, so stay tuned for that!

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  1. You got a sub sir, first time coming across your channel, love the way you make the deals with kids and don’t rip them off like telling that one guy to not trade the RJ Barrett card super cool man

  2. Been a collector here in Ohio for over 30 years, best thing I've seen in this business. Great thing you do for the kids. To you & your staff…kudos guys. Wonderful work.

  3. i wish when I was a kid we had card stores. The only place we could get cards was at 7-11 or Newberry's. Shout out to Ryan for getting the kids involved and giving them some skill!!!

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