Hello everyone In this video I will be telling about one of the best web hosting 2019, cheap web hosting in India which is the most affordable and quality Website and Domain Hosting provider company, Name as DomainRacer. If you want to start an Online Business or want to have your own Website, you will not want to miss this video, as DomainRacer offers the best web hosting for small business with amazing features, better than any other best hosting for WordPress.

Start your Website Today: https://bit.ly/2suQ0qp

DomainRacer YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcyalWjy-TQ058kmH6sHCCw

Some of the highlight features of DomainRacer:
1. Most Affordable and low cost services, Basic plan starts at just Rs.59 per month!
2. Pure SSD based storage
3. Free LetsEncrypt SSL on all plans
4. ModSecurity Support
5. 24/7 Customer Support on call, chat or email
6. LiteSpeed servers, more efficient than Apache
7. Free weekly backups
8. Immunify 360+
9. Free SEO tools and Node.js support


Official Website: https://bitten.tech

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  1. 🔰*Few* tips to staying safe online and preventing identify theft🔰

    🔴Shred documents while at home

    🔴Stay clear of sending sensitive data across public Wi-Fi networks

    🔴Use double verification systems

    🔴Do not share your passwords or leave them lying around

    🔴Keep an eye on your credit score

    🔴Watch out for phishing websites and fake campaigns

    🔴Use an antivirus program on desktop and mobile

    🔴Shop only at reputable websites

    🔴Keep data divulging on social networks to a minimum

    🔴Only download software from reputable sources

    🔴Be wary of social media-spread fake contests and links

    Ansh bro please like it…

  2. Bekaar services. Issues with server and main problem is they have no business ethics, they hides facts. Thay works on unprofessional way. At least they should clearly mentioned their plan on wesites. But they hide their plans. This way Customer feels cheated. You have to waste hours to solve your issues. But they replied promptly when I faced first issue with them today they are either become lazy or has lots of issues. Servers are fast if they work properly. There is a network connectivity issue with their servers. Pinging shows there is a break in the network connectivity.

  3. सर ,

    मैं भी DomainRacer का होस्टिंग use कर रहा हूँ, बहुत अच्छा service है।

    मैं एक और होस्टिंग use कर रहा हूँ – hostfizia.com यह होस्टिंग झारखंड की है और नई है । बहुत ही कम दाम में आपको Light Speed Web Server का Cloud Hosting देते हैं। इनके पास सिर्फ Cloud Hosting ही है।

    इनके सर्विस भी बहुत अच्छी है, आप एक बार use करके जरूर देखें।

    विवेक कुमार।

  4. Good Information… I am going to buy it today or tomorrow… thanks Anash ji..
    Do you have any affilitation,,, it can support your chennal… plz share it if you have affiliation link…

  5. hey bro , i wanted to know if NPTEL {IIT lectures} which provide course on ethical hacking and information security good enough?
    (i mean like are they covering the topics that is necessary for cybersecurity).
    (what do u think of those courses ?)
    AND one more question what do u think about getting certification like comptia security+,CISCO etc………(cybersecurity certification)

    any free resources recommended (books), are also appreciated.

    thanks,keep up the good work !


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