On this edition of HEY DT:

в–є 0:00 – Intro
в–є 0:18 – Linux software supported: That’s not written on the box.
в–є 2:52 – You never did a video on Qubes OS. Is it because you’re not interested in it?
в–є 4:25 – I get this error message with your DTOS script. Error recompiling Xmonad!
в–є 5:58 – What do you do to protect your posture and health when working on desk all day.
в–є 8:43 – I feel Kdenlive is the worst video editing software…
в–є 12:19 – How do you make your thumbnails?
в–є 14:52 – Have you ever considered getting professional help?
в–є 15:38 – Is there a distro that does not have a dock at all, has the super key search…
в–є 17:59 – What’s your problem with Veganism?
в–є 20:57 – Thanks to the Patrons!

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31 thoughts on “Hey, DT! Linux Support Isn't Mentioned On The Box. (Yes, It Is!)”
  1. Well, if it's on the box, it will be supported. It might not be mentioned on the box, because the company that build the device might not have made official drivers for it.

    But it's not uncommon for enthusiasts to hack together a driver that actually works. But the company that made the device isn't going to take responsibility in that case, and so you shouldn't expect support from them (you might even void your warranty) . So if possible, certainly use a device that says it's supported on Linux 🙂

  2. You're so right. It's so funny that I got hooked on this vid because of the veganism video, only to be positively surprised by you being absolutely rational. Hah. That's why I support you.Thanks for helping us understand thins whole beautiful, fun Linux thing! <3

  3. Thanks DT. My Epson scanner is supported by "AUR" but absolutely not under Ubuntu/Mint-systems ! One cannot say "it works with linux", it depends on the distro! Thanks to Arch and AUR repos. By the way, all videos about linux are great and consider or compare speed, screen layout, colors… but rarely the real support one can get behind a peace of software even it's for me very important isn't it ? (development team, wiki, guides, user manual, forums, online support…)

  4. The veganism guy was so stupid, this is why veganism gets a bad rep, you can't even dare to make any comment about their precious lifestyle, and then the rest of us who are trying to actually make concious choices to reduce animal abuse and violence get harassed for being 'extremist' smh (lifelong vegetarian here)

  5. one thing that happened recently was i swapped my gaming computer for a gaming laptop
    i'm using it weird where i use hdmi out and keep the laptop closed unless im in bios
    that hdmi out is over a gtx 1650
    for the life of me, i can't get any configuration of arch or debian to work on that laptop.
    i've legit crawled DEs/WMs and open/blob drivers and nothing ever worked.
    never had this problem with a laptop. usually the hardware is finnicky with linux and may not be best for baremetal, but my current machine is just windows exclusive and i run linux in a vm.

  6. regarding printer drivers. i had a fight with a printer once. the official Linux driver from the vendor did not work correctly. (any printed page was shifted up by five centimeters.)
    i miraculously succeeded to patch an inofficial driver of a similar printer and it worked flawlessly.
    meanwhile the driverless thing of CUPS works with the model and i'll never have to wrangle it again.

  7. 15:38 is there a Linux desktop environment or app which mimics the Windows 10 Start panel (displayed when you click the Windows key) and stores icons to commonly used apps and even collections of icons which expand to display multiple apps when clicked?

  8. i can tell this vegan is a toxic animal rights activist from the way they define being vegan. At the end of the day, being vegan means you abstain from animal products, whatever the reason may be. you could do it for yourself or for the animals, what matters is that you are doing it. Just like how different people use different types of linux. some love to rice, some want a distro specialized for security, and some just want to use it for fun as a daily driver. regardless, being a linux user doesn’t mean you do one of those things in specific, you use use linux.

  9. Preach it, brother! But you can't leave me hangin on what video editor you are trying out . . . . I'm a Kdenlive user who works with the bugs, and it's ok most of the time.
    Well, I guess I'll just have to wait for the video-reveal for the "next-big-thing" 😉

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