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HE Shells Rebalance: Sandbox 2021

HE Shells Rebalance: Sandbox 2021

Soon, the Sandbox server will begin testing for one of the most important game mechanics: the new HE shells.

Watch this video to learn how the new game mechanic works and to participate in the Sandbox test. We look forward to your feedback on these changes.

Participate in the test and receive game items to your main account as a reward, and don’t forget to complete the surveys.

Together, we’ll make the game even better!

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32 thoughts on “HE Shells Rebalance: Sandbox 2021

  1. Nice, so all HE shells will now all perform like HESH shells…..

    It’s also silly that arty HE and regular vehicle HE will now perform even more differently despite some arty and tanks sharing a near identical gun…


  2. talks about changing how he does alot of damage when hitting the front of a heavily armoured tank, but irl the isu152 could blow a basketball size piece of the king tigers front armour into the tank lol also a brick wall should detonate a he shell, unless that shell has a delay fuse..

  3. The over-penetration of the sprocket/idler wheels without hitting the armor should I think should be change so it still blows the tracks off, even if it doesn’t do damage.

  4. This makes no sense, you are actually removing the uses of HE, this is another wrong approach to HE, no body asked for an HE rework, instead maybe look at a better way to reduce HE damage using equipment like spall liner, make it more accessible in some way, like a mew crew skill which is some sort of special suit, its dumb but it would be a much better fix than this. You are ruining some of the best mechanics in the game, I don’t know a single person who doesn’t enjoy their kv-2, getting bomber medals with it and just having a blast, people already understand that the kv-2 is a hard hitter, nobody complained…

  5. The explanations constantly going "Logic would suggest you would do more damage to the side of the vehicle, where armor is 50mm thinner", yet the logic for why the damage was higher was already provided. This video… is absolutely garbage when trying to argue against the current mechanics when it does that, and it does it often. The current method is fully logical, but so is the method that they plan on changing it to.

    Imagine if it went full logical, and did the current mechanic plus what they propose as changes? Yea… HE would be far more annoying to deal with. Another thing… What would be more annoying? Having your HP chipped away, or having your tanks internals constantly needing repairs because of HE spam? We might actually see a full crew disabled, in an E100, or some other heavily armored, high tier tank, because of it as well, which would be interesting, but I somewhat think that the changes might make a lot of battles longer because injured crewmates and components = significantly longer reloads. This video constantly contradicts its own logical arguments.

    Going back a bit, they also seem to assume that the only people playing WoT that have valuable information for the changes, participate in the Tests. They are incorrect on this.

    HE penetrates brick walls? Them not going throw objects was a key feature to the mechanics. It makes logical sense that they didn't.

    7:37 shows exactly why the changes are BAD. I would vote against the changes personally. They need to find a different route. I will say this, I do like the concept of spalling, but to change it from what it currently is to what they currently suggest is highly illogical.

  6. Idk I like the proposed changes. I play alot of the ultra heavies and get aggravated at the HE spam. Than again I also play the FV tds alot and this change makes me feel a bit better having HE work in a constant manner.

  7. Its ok i guess but will there be like a system where you can test vehicles for example if you are going for a tier X chineese TD so you can tast and see if its worth it or training grounds where you can train with you tank.

  8. I like the HE changes, but I would rather it exploded on impact, it was useful for tracking enemies, avoiding derp guns by hiding behind walls etc. A little sad you can't do that anymore. How about creating more shell types? APHE could exist for some tanks which would go through tracks and walls, but have less explosive power than HE shells?

  9. So what you saying is that HE is going be reduce but the fragments break part on impact does that mean it can couse damage to crew in tank got be some kind injuries to crew if HE explode on impact and something don't make sense 🤔

  10. HE need to deal more dmg and to penetrate more ! When you have OP tanks in hull down position, only way to get them is HE shells in theirs turret !! Arta should be removed from game, or limit 1 per team !

  11. so shooting at the turret cheeks of a maus will do more damage than shooting the cheek just above the hull deck because its more well armored, nice

    also enjoyed how they tried to use the 705a as an example, just ignore the fact that it's turret doesn't really have a weakspot to aim at so you can either try to 1 (gold spam it) or 2 (HE spam it)

  12. Maybe you guys need to have separate class of HE rounds? At current status or future update, for vehicle with premium HE, there is almost no reason to run normal HE since it won't penetrate the armor and even only cause no damage. Also Type 4 and Type 5 howitzer need tons of buffs, when a KV-2's gun can outclass the Tier X Howitzer.

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