HALO Infinite on Linux & open-source game dev with Dennis Payne

Support future videos directly https://patreon.com/linuxgamecast. Proton Experimental adds initial support for #HALO Infinite! Logitech announces a cloud-based gaming handheld, #OBS Studio 28.0 is ready for testing, and Dennis Payne tells us about open-source game development and his Mojotron Kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/850526497/mojotron-robot-wars

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Sacred Egg (new pat)
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00:00 Intro
01:19 Ryzen 5600G in a B350
06:53 Steam adds support for Nintendo Joy-Con controllers
09:21 Fixing Steam Deck overscan
11:17 SteamOS 3.3
14:17 HALO Infinite on #Linux
18:32 TMNT Shredders Revenge update
26:43 Logitech cloud-gaming handheld
31:33 New games added to ScummVM
33:48 Dolphin EMU progress report
36:43 DXVK updates
39:23 OBS 28 Beta breaks some things
42:18 Open-source game dev & Mojotron with Dennis Payne
01:17:53 Emails

2 thoughts on “HALO Infinite on Linux & open-source game dev with Dennis Payne”
  1. The glibc / EAC issue is really disappointing. I thought us Archers would go a whole year without Steam-breaking updates, but here we are..the only rolling distro unaffected by this is Solus I believe

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