I spent a bit of time scripting a word unscrambler in PHP for Mission 1 of the Programming section at hackthissite.org.


*Only works in Mozilla Firefox due to differences in copy/pasting HTML lists*
(If I have enough time I might make it more browser-friendly, although you should be using Firefox anyways =P )

To use:
1. Copy the bulleted list of scrambled words from the mission page
2. Paste the list into the textarea on my unscrambler page
3. Press the ‘Submit’ button, if all goes well there should be a comma-delimited list of unscrambled words.
4. Copy that list (make sure there’s no whitespace)
5. Paste it in the answer box
6. Press the Submit button, and hope that you get “Mission Completed!”

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14 thoughts on “HackThisSite Programming Mission 1”
  1. any good programming book, learn the basics and work your way through things, then you apply what you know to a problem, hence getting the wordlist, he used what he knew and applied it to code.

  2. I just completed this mission. Took me 1-2 days to learn how to code a program to do it in C#. If anyone is stuck at this level, just contact me and I'll help you, at least if you want to do it in C#.

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