you like the new update?
no new talent system tho

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  1. I really don't like the skill revanp on Alice-_-
    She is so weak in early game and doesn't have nothing special to say in late game her mana sure is more now but her ult costs more mana instead🤦‍♀️
    Her hp growth sooo badly nerfed
    And no mana growth…….. The orbs are really hard to cast I mean Alice can only be in a single place at once to get orbs from minions not all three lanes:/even before this I hardly ever remeber I reached 80 or more orbs in a match and now imagining I must collect 200 orbs is soooo 😒annoying I guess comparing her to Aldous who has a similar passive kind off or cecilion this Alice won't be able to beat any of them so weak against squishies because of magic power scaling nerf on ult and almost useless for me…….. I don't like any of her new skill revamp and I won't use her anymore I tried her so many times but the old one was much better for me

  2. Alice had the worst update… Is it even a buff?
    It used to be a top 10 heroes in win rate for mystic 400+, now it is like fallen off to not even reaching top 20..
    Instead of having such huge update, they should focus in small updates in higher frequency…

    They can't even handle small update properly, why doing such big update that really destroy the momentum.
    So now I have to like play quite a lot of matches to get back to the current meta which is kinda ridiculous…
    And the heroes are always imbalance…

  3. I can't believe a lot of people still haven't picked up Fredrinn well for me he is so strong. I was a gatot user before, been a gatot user since 2017 and Fredrinn might be the turning stone for me, I've been killing it in mythic using Fredrinn

  4. i noticed they changed carmillas ult from lock on to aim and i gotta say it worst idk if its a bug but whenever i try to use my ult in clash sumtimes i cant use it its auto canceling even though i didnt drag it

  5. lol did they forget that moonton intended to make js as mage, jungle, damage dealer or a tank depends on the player playstyle or if they dont have mage, js can play that role well and having a mage js, js already sacrifice his tankyness and mage js can easily countered xD by athena, frozen and radiant or just plain map awareness i suppose and js's as enemy cant hit me because i know that turning to right or left js isn't that flexible or just dashing to walls is enough to dodge or stay in turret with exit's

    they should just literally nerf his damage to ground if they're gonna play dirty like they also nerf js mobility and cd skill because its freaking slow compare to old one and new player can play js easily making him somewhat a no skill hero

    they also nerf his tank role tbh having transportation for your damage dealer is freaking good and hitting the enemy then ult again to escape is no more now your rider is gonna die and blame on js that those dont know the patch or just used to old js

    it sounded like the lower cooldown is buff but it isn't xD

    this is a complaint comment EHE

    more reason to not play ml i guess T^T
    im currently a legend and got my motivation to play is lower than my trust to myself

    i guess there's a merit to it like having more time in real life and forgetting the ml and having fun in life also it's not like i have friends in ml that just follow me to rank up right?

  6. My iPhone is set to Ultra Graphics but the Revamped Sanctum Island Map still looks like in High Graphics. There’s no creep interaction, grass moving, water splashing, and even the waterfalls. This needed to be fixed asap.

  7. Bunches of heroes I seldomly used are getting buff… And some of the heroes I used are getting nerf…. Also I never know how to play properly lapu2, chou, badang and paquito…. I can play Haya, ling, gus, lance fairly well….. To me the most boring hero is Bruno and js is my arch-nemesis

  8. Im actually glad that moskov got a nerf bcuz its like impossible to kill him without any burts heroes because inspires jusy gets him back to full health in a way second if u can't burst him down

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