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FS19 – How to Join and Setup a dedicated multiplayer server and host a multiplayer session

In this video we will look at Joining a multiplayer game, hosting a multiplayer session and setting up a dedicated server. Gameservers referral link …

49 thoughts on “FS19 – How to Join and Setup a dedicated multiplayer server and host a multiplayer session

  1. Can someone explain me whats The thing with firewall, the 8080,open ports, i dont understand….

    Also i managed to make the server but when my friend enter says '' no connection could be estabilished to the server ''

    How do i do port foward or dmz i heard that dmz is dangerous or idk.. Its confusing

  2. I have a question I have a new laptop but can't download the game
    I have paid for the game but get the game up to play my laptop is i5 10 gen widow it is a gameing pc build for games can you help

  3. totally confused halfway into this. what is the difference with multiplayer that is setup in game and renting a server? can guests own places, help others with farm work, etc?

  4. Hey there FK. Was wondering if you already have an Existing farms and save games within the join multiplayer servers, can you still play those Existing farms, or do you have to start over??

  5. So when renting a dedicated server I need two copies of the game, but do I need a second PC? Since your renting their server it should be pulling on their equipment not my owns correct? Looking to rent one so I don’t have to leave a pc on and buddies can play whenever.

  6. quick question, i got a server and set up like your vid and i could get on it and create a farm but a friend tried to join it and can't would he need to rent his own server as well or why is it not showing up when he tries to find it after selecting international and all other correct steps.

  7. Hi Farmer Klein. Thank you for making the how to videos about setting up a dedicated server. They were very valuable when I set up my server on an old pc that I have. Everything works as it should. The only problem that I have, is that other players can't access the mod link for the server, so I have had to make a google drive file so that they can have access. I'm not sure if that is a firewall or port issue. Would you have any suggestions? Thanks again.

  8. I tried to join some games the other night and the hosts kept booting me out. What do you do if you're a lone farmer but want to join a crew? Playing on PS4….

  9. Me and my friend who lives 600mi away and we've tried so many times but we can't find each other's game. We both do PC and I have the normal version and my friend has the platinum… could we still play being I don't have the same mods/dlc he has, I would geuss it would still pop up? Correct. PLEASE HELP US!!!! we have been trying for 4 WEEKS!!!!

  10. Curious how fast of internet is required to connect to the server once it is setup. I only have DSL internet and get a very reliable 8-9mbps. Not fast but very reliable. Will the game lag for me or even connect? PC will run the game no ptoblem

  11. Whenever I host a server to play with my friends they cannot join

    They get a msg saying no connection could be established to the server

    Can u help me solve this problem

  12. Hi, I bought today dedicated server. It worked completely fine until my friend wanted to join me. He just can't join to the game. He gets message ""You can't join multiplayer"? Do you have any advices?

  13. I am hosting a server and my friend can not join. It says he has to download the mods I have but when he does, it stays the same for some mods including Ursus T127, Toolbox, Variable bale capacity, Fork Lizard with claws, Universal passenger, John Deere 6M&6R large frame (which he has the link for), Workshop tabber and Real dirt color

  14. Ur not setup a Dedicated Server Bro !!! Ur just show us how to pay in many website ….. Learn whats a dedicated server first before doing a video. so much people come here to know how to install their own dedicated server on their computer ….

  15. Hi, I have a problem, my friend wants to join my server and whenever it starts synchronizing for me, it freezes at 10% and just kicks him. Any help??

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