Flare Prepares For Her Visit To HoloEN Server And Enjoys Her Visit Despite Being Nervous At First

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Stream Source :
Flare: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=352MT2Im9b4
【マインクラフト/Minecraft】拝見!EN鯖!go to see, EN server👀💕【不知火フレア/ホロライブ】

Hololive 3rd Gen :

Shiranui Flare Twitter : https://twitter.com/shiranuiflare
Shiranui Flare Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvInZx9h3jC2JzsIzoOebWg

Hololive English

Takanashi Kiara Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHsx4Hqa-1ORjQTh9TYDhww
Takanashi Kiara Twitter: https://twitter.com/takanashikiara

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Stargazing Art : https://www.wallpaperflare.com/woman-standing-on-grasses-while-stargazing-illustration-stars-wallpaper-myfju
Ending Song : Ochame Kinou Guitar Cover : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8o7ydBtBM2E

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41 thoughts on “Flare Prepares For Her Visit To HoloEN Server And Enjoys Her Visit Despite Being Nervous At First

  1. What a flashy entrance from Kiara. First she shoots a few arrows, Flare looks up, and Kiara just looks down at her like what Batman does to his enemies. And then she transitions into a superhero landing.

    What a legend.

  2. I like Flare steams. She streams at night so its perfect for me to watch and chill, especially the minecraft ones. She interacts a lot with her overseas viewers too and its cute that she's trying her best to speak english. I also wanted to see her interact with the EN girls too cause i was curious how she would react, and it turned out to be really cute.

    It was good that the first one she interacted was kiara, and guided her too(she's a good guide) which made flare calm down. They bonded and I enjoyed that a lot too, it was a nice moment.

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