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Feathercraft Java in the waves

Feathercraft Java in the waves

Unedited (long) video of me getting slammed by the waves with my faithful Java, considering that I brought it with me as carry on its quite impressive. Half way through my attempt I got dumped and got sent packing by the wave, the life guard who caught my boat was a bit concerned as you can see. This was actually the second time I attempted to fight past the wave at the same beach..
For anyone whom have any doubt about the rigidity of the Feathercraft inflatables as well as whether or not they are ocean worthy, this should do a pretty good job of give you a sense of what you can do.


3 thoughts on “Feathercraft Java in the waves

  1. I did managed to get through in the end, but it was more an exercise in learning a good entry point in the bay rather than fighting the waves.

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