Fallout 76 Server Down Maintenance for August 9, 2022

In this video Naked Vault Dweller explains to the audience that Bethesda will bring the Fallout 76 servers down on Tuesda August 8, 2022 for maintenance. What this maintenance entails is anyone’s guess but NVD takes a stab at a couple of things and welcomes viewers to add their own speculations. Is this down time for the Pitt? Bethesda said that the update and maintenance time will address server side issues to improve the stability of performance of the game.

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40 thoughts on “Fallout 76 Server Down Maintenance for August 9, 2022”
  1. Cross play would be AMAZING. I've got 1100 hours on my steam account, but the game plays WAAAY better on the series x. I've been grinding on my Xbox account, but there's just so many things I'll never be able to get. Enabling cross-platform would make my life so much easier transitioning to the xbox.

  2. Im on my vacation from this meat grinder game… NGL i miss the people not the game itself and please as much i would love cross play please before that make sure all the forking legeacys are useless and cheaters get bombarded with inconveniences. Enough bungalow dwellers using legacy's allready exist in booth ecosystems.

  3. I hope cross play with pc never happens. Too many hacked weapons and weapons aren't worth crap.

    As a collector and trader, I'll pass playing with any PC players.

  4. they need to have floor trash and junk delete itself after a shorter period which will make the servers more responsive and less laggy. also fix the scoreboard ranks 129 and 159!! put jetpacks mod on backpacks not chest piece already!!!wheres the 4 star legendarys? close your atomic shop!

  5. You can’t really blame PlayStation over the fact that there will never be cross play with Xbox and PC. That would fall squarely on the shoulders of Microsoft.

    The fact is, even IF PlayStation would allow it on their platform, Microsoft wouldn’t allow it and would call it an “Exclusive” option. Like 60 fps vs. 30 fps for example, and other things they’ve done.

  6. The only people who will be excited for this Pitt daily op are players who never played Fallout 3 and the original Pitt which was an actual DLC
    I already know I am not going to like the new Pitt daily op because I played the original and this is just another grind to keep you playing

  7. Crossplay can't happen until they get a lid on injected items. When you start seeing players flaunting handmades with beam splitters getting banned crossplay may be in the games future. Until then it's just a dream.

  8. Cross play is a big no. Just make servers worse, hacked stuff, and ruin pvp which is already ruined. On pc spam a key and you drink 7000 quantum in a minute on console you do the same thing but drink like 100 in a minute. Not a good idea

  9. They can’t take me down, I shall not be defeated by server down time. I’m just going to hide with the homie Bessie the robot cow she’ll protect me. I’m 5 days into this game and she’s always had my back

  10. The only thing I can say is hopefully they can fix that power armor glitch problem with the animation of putting the fusion core into the back of the power armor because that's what's causing the glitch and making a very difficult to use it in high stress environments

  11. I'm actually glad playstation won't have cross-platform I think it would be annoying seeing some PC users with hacks of some sort it kinda keeps it clean you know I'm not saying all PC players are hackers but I'm saying PC players can have hacks and I just wouldn't want that on my servers that I play on (If that's what the update is about)

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