Event Hosting Tutorial For Beginners

Five Essential Techniques for Event Hosts explained in just 6 minutes!

Timothy Hyde has hosted Events all over the world and in this Video he shares his Insider Secrets and Techniques.

The Video Tutorial is perfect for Beginners, but I guarantee even experienced Event Hosts and MC’s will find one or two brilliant tips.

What are the Two Questions You Should Always ask your Client.?
What are the Two things you MUST always do at an event?
How can you keep speakers On Time?
How to gain Instant Rapport with the audience!
And the most important piece of advice ever for a Beginner Event Host.

Resources Mentioned in video.

Website Article

Complete Guide to Microphones – for Emcee’s and Professional Speakers


Keeping Speakers On Time https://youtu.be/v8ZMzfJKwAQ

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Timothy Hyde – ExpertMC Site – https://ExpertMC.com

Timothy Hyde website – http://www.timothyhyde.com
Timothy Hyde Wikipedia Page – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timothy_Hyde
Timothy Hyde – LinkedIn Profile – https://www.linkedin.com

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19 thoughts on “Event Hosting Tutorial For Beginners”
  1. Thank you so much for this video! Such a great help as I contemplate whether to accept or reject a hosting job. I've recently been asked to do a paid hosting for a formal event. As always, I'm nervous and having self doubt even though it won't be my first hosting stint, but because I'll be paid for it and will be addressing international audience. ?

  2. Thankyou so much for this video! Very helpful ♥️♥️♥️??loved it! Especially thanks for the last tip!!

  3. #5 is a good idea, I need to formalize the Why and What conversation.
    #4… My best shows as MC have been when I worked the audience before the actual event. Whenever there is a line outside the venue, I make sure to be there working that crowd. Instead of coming in bored and annoyed, they have already been entertained and the audience and I already have a connection started. And they already know my style and how we are going interact. Often I create a cheer or chant that incorporates the event name and teach it to them while they are in line. I'll also teach them audience responses to my calls, or specific often silly ways to applaud that I will invoke later from the stage.

    By the way, Thanks for creating these videos.

  4. Sir you have been doing excellently well by impacting life positively by I will suggest in tge cause of this pandemic crises while not do a streamline teaching on emcee like how to be an expert mc or great mc etc..it's a suggestion sir..more ideas, wisdom and accolade to your elbow

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