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ESO Blackwood Chapter Early Reactions from the Public Test Server

Deltia shares his early impressions from the Blackwood Elder Scrolls Online Chapter and Update 30 currently on the Public Test Server. We cover Companions, Oblivion Portals, Rockgrove Trial, gear sets, new tutorial and more!

Please note, this is on the test server and is not final. Deltia is not affiliated or employed by Zenimax Online Studios (ZOS).

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0:00 Intro
00:52 Disclosures
01:23 Blackwood Zone and Area
02:36 Companions
04:40 Oblivion Portals
06:13 Trials and gear
07:17 Tutorial & Housing
08:34 Ability Timers
09:05 My Opinion
10:52 My Recommendations
11:47 Closing Thoughts

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18 thoughts on “ESO Blackwood Chapter Early Reactions from the Public Test Server

  1. this will be like greymore all over again once they sell enough copies they will nerf all the new sets and mythics to the ground… the business model has become to predictable lol

  2. Loved the video and information. Where exactly is the quest for Mirri? I know it's north, but where north. I'm on a console, so I have to wait to find her, but I want to be ready.

  3. Ngl Blackwood looks pretty underwhelming to me. It lacks the expansion seller factor that all the other expansions had going into it. Morrowind had the Vvaardenfall landmass for the first time in over a decade and the first new class, Summerset was set in a beautiful land that TES fans have been waiting to see for ages as well as jewelry crafting, Elyswere had the return of dragons as well as the long awaited necromancer class, greymoor although somewhat underwhelming brought antiques and had hype from everyone that played skyrim and wanting to visit those locations again. Blackwood just looks meh, visually, the location is nothing we haven't seen before in eso, and regardless of your thoughts on them, companions were something very few people were asking for, and especially in its current state doesn't look like something that will have a large impact on the game in the long run the same way a new weapon and skill line would or something completely new for our characters. While certain things like the deadlands and daedric portal world events look very interesting as well as the story also probably being good, I don't find myself sold on this expansion.

  4. ZOS: deletes half your exp/forces you to grind if you want to boost your CP, dangles power progression carrot to incentivize grinding to 2400 CP, drops a month of double exp to incentivize hardcore grinding out the CP, announces removing the power progression the grind provides days after double exp ends.

    Feels like a cruel joke TBH.

  5. Hey I just remembered a bug i couldnt report. In the tutorial armor room there are 2 shock staves which are actually resto staves, someone report it as I am unable to.

  6. You know back in the day when ESO released your channel was my go to channel because of how you delivered your information on the game. Keep it up man. I'll try to watch as many of your videos I can ❤

  7. 4:32 Hard to believe that they can provide that extra "umph" the way they are now. I mean…. come on , be real.

    They might be good or they might be a RP buddy at launch, we dunno yet, but atm, they are a RP buddy, which is not bad, just that they are not there to help you in dungeons, they only pretend :))

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