Escaping from VECNA in Among Us!

Hello, I am Kate! Today my friends Sigils, Ssundee, Henwy, and I play the STRANGER THINGS VECNA MOD in AMONG US!

#helloiamkate​ #AmongUs #helloiamk8​ #Mod​

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31 thoughts on “Escaping from VECNA in Among Us!”
  1. I know that Kate would kill Zud and I know that Kate wiukd say that Kate is dum and Kate would mention it and say I want an opology and have that reaction first with sugikd tho I know And I know that sugils would go away with the ants as he dur that way for last round I know that hosts wiukd say I don’t even feel sorry for killing your but I know Zud wiukd say I don’t want to be here I know that he wiukd say I dident say that but I know then he wiukd kill Zud I know

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