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00:00 Intro
00:39 Sponsor: 100$ off your own Server with Linode
01:29 Elon Musk wants to open source Twitter’s algorithm
02:38 Ubuntu defaults back to Xorg on Nvidia
03:38 Mark Shuttleworth says Ubuntu won’t support Flatpak
04:45 GNOME apps updates
05:50 Plasma Mobile updates
06:45 More KDE updates
07:50 KDE gets wallpaper accent colors
08:37 PopOS 22.04 is out
09:51 MAUI apps look amazing
10:37 Tuxedo announces the new Stellaris 15
11:48 Halo might work better with AMD on Linux
12:50 The biggest Steam Deck update ever
13:51 Wine 7.7 released
14:26 Sponsor: get a laptop or desktop with Linux preinstalled
15:05 Support the channel

Elon Musk wants to make the Twitter algorithm open source

Ubuntu did a U turn, and decided not to use Wayland for nvidia drivers after all.

Ubuntu 22.04 Switched Back to X.Org When Using the NVIDIA Driver

Mark Shuttleworth, the founder of Ubuntu explained why Flatpak won’t be supported on Ubuntu any time soon, or at all.

Ubuntu Founder Explains Why Distro Won’t Support Flatpak

Another week with a bunch of updates for GNOME applications.

Plasma mobile keeps getting better, with the release of Plasma Mobile Gear 22.04

KDE developers aren’t just focused on mobile, though, as we have another round of weekly updates
This week in KDE: Major accent color and Global Theme improvements

Plasma will support an auto accent color, based on the wallpaper’s main color, just like what Android does with its material You

KDE Plasma 5.25 Adds a Cool Customisation Feature

After the release of Ubuntu 22.04, there’s PopOS 22.04, the distribution made by System76 that they ship on all their devices

There’s a new progress report on the MAUI framework, which you might have heard about through the relatively recent Maui Shell release.

Maui Report 18

Tuxedo announced a refresh to their Stellaris 15 laptop.

Like Halo? Wish it ran better on Linux? There’s good news! A developer is working on the radv AMD GPU driver to help Halo infinite run better, or at all, on Linux.

The Steam Deck got a brand new update, probably the biggest it got since it launched.

Wine 7.7 was released

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