Easily setup Kali Linux with GUI in the Linode Cloud

Kali Linux in the Linode’s Cloud. Linode provides virtual servers that make it easy and affordable for you to host anything in the cloud. Get started on Linode today with $100 in Free Credit. https://www.linode.com/
In this video I will show that How to deploy Kali Linux in the Linode’s Cloud server after that you can access and control your Kali Linux from anywhere & any devices Like Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS or Linux.

Video Chapters:
00:00 – Cloud Computing
00:41 – What is Linode?
02:26 – Deploy Kali Linux from Linode’s Marketplace
05:59 – Install Kali Linux in the Linode Cloud
07:37 – First Boot Kali Linux in Linode Cloud
08:33 – Access Kali Linux with SSH from Windows/MacOS/Android
09:44 – Install Kali Desktop & VNC server
10:27 – Start VNC Server
11:08 – Run Kali Linux in GUI Mode
13:24 – Access Linode’s Kali Linux in iPhone(iOS).
14:48 – Access Linode’s Kali Linux from android Smartphone.

Ethical hacking course: https://www.cybertube.net/

Tip: Delete the linode VM after using otherwise the charge will continue even if the machine is turned off.
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44 thoughts on “Easily setup Kali Linux with GUI in the Linode Cloud”
  1. ese hi free cloud ke bareme or vi janne ko mile to maza aaa jaye. sir.

    video request
    Ubuntu kese fast speed mile. ssd vi hain par speed slow lag ta hain.

  2. दोस्त मेरे चैनल में क्या कमी है जरूर बताना

    जिन्हें यूट्यूब का नॉलेज हो वही

  3. Sar yah pahli bar aapki yah video hai jo payment karke yah video sikhana pad raha hai itna Sara video mein se pahli bar payment karna pad raha hai aur yah video ko dekhna pad raha hai 😥

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