DBD's programming held together by shoelaces & duct tape! – DEADBY #42

This week’s DEADBY we look at forums that are relevant to this week in Dead by Daylight. Next week it’s the 5 year anniversary for Dead by Daylight gonna be POG!

Hi guys! I’m MrGimms! I’m an Australian YouTube Partner living in England, streaming a variety of different games. Most known for playing Dead by Daylight!

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About Dead by Daylight:
Dead by Daylight is an asymmetrical multiplayer horror game where one player takes on the role of a brutal Killer and the other four play as Survivors. As a Killer, your goal is to sacrifice as many Survivors as possible. As a Survivor, your goal is to escape and avoid being caught and killed.

26 thoughts on “DBD's programming held together by shoelaces & duct tape! – DEADBY #42

  1. Do you think DbD could Survive without Gens? I understand it would basicly be a Hide & Seek game but it could be the best one at that. Simply delete Gens keep everything else, delete that whole Balance issue and focus the game around the Chases and balance the game towards that. As DbD is now Survivors can escape without ever seeing the Killer, i think that shouldn't be possible, that's ignoring a Huge aspect of the game. I can understand it's not Survivors fault if the killer never chases them as the game is now but then the game is a Gen Sim wich is boring for Survivors and that focus on Gens just hurts the killer aswell by forcing them to split their attention to something that is very hard to control and also causes unsatisfaction for Survivors when killer focus that strongly on stopping gens, so why not simply delete Gens?

    We could have the game like this: Every Player picks a Survivor and a Killer with respectives builds and we make fast rounds with a time limit rotating the role between all 5 player, in the end the player with the most points wins. This put all players in both roles, focusing on both objectives, be those kills or survival, wich benefits all players equally in developing their skill in both roles and benefits the whole community cause everyone has common ground to agree on how to Balance the game.

    By eliminating the Gen problem, maps become less problematic aswell cause they'll be easier to Balance and maybe some of the maps are already better for chases than we currently think because there's no pressure of Gens cause there's no Gens to lose so even with a time limit Killers can still afford some longer chases in more cases, Perks become easier to balance aswell because there's a better focus on what the game is and we are eliminating all Gen Slowdown or Gen related Perks like Tinkerer. We could categorize perks into Aura Reading, Chase, Anti-Heal, Second Chance, etc. Balancing Killers around the chase aspect would also be easier.

  2. What might help with the lagg/fps issues. There is a way to remove the 60 frame limit as well as the 120 limit. Look up Ardetha on youtube. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6bI8UZm6sOo ) If you want me to remove this comment I will. I just want you and everyone else know/get something that can help with fps issues. As well as getting it to look a bit better. ( Also I agree.. Everyone should get more BP. )

  3. You really can’t blame ignorant people in the forums when bhvr themselves are silent about how the game should work, it is sad when the devs say equally frustrating things as the ignorant people in the forums. It is sad I actually wanted to be a fog whisperer

  4. Hey gimms, I was thinking another way to solve solo que problems would be for randoms having to check other randos profiles to see what ranks they are and what perks they are running before the game starts. That way people can see like oh, this guys gonna bring autodiact and empathy, well then I'll take off self care or any other healing perks, you know? I feel this can encourage teammates to run more diverse perks so they can each bring something new to the table. And items and add-ons they're gonna use. Of course this is only limited to other survivors, just to help a little bit. And if you're red ranks but you see you're playing with green ranks then you can dodge and not have to go into the game with bad teammates and wait until endgame to see other peoples ranks. Sorry this is long, thought I might make this suggestion

  5. The person talking about new killers being bad on console is referencing our sensitivity and fps issues regarding dbd. Ngl I'm kinda tempted to make an account just to get intel on how some of these posters think. Just ask some very reasonable questions on the wack posts and see who's bait and who has just… Interesting ideas on balance.

  6. hey gimms just to let you know lilithomen just made a segment of his twitch stream dedicated to you thought you might like to know he said some pretty wacky stuff have a good one

  7. Behaviour programming be like:
    [random shit];
    [Some shit the community hates]…
    [initiate spaghetti.exe]
    Behaviour “there we go there’s chapter 20!
    “Oh shit there’s 50 game breaking bugs?!?!”
    “Whatever just give em some bloodpoints that will fix it”

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