String, Boolean, NaN, null, Undefined

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33 thoughts on “Data Types in JavaScript – 2 | JavaScript Tutorial”
  1. sir I'm planning to watch your playlist from 15th july and according to your current pace you are uploading 2 videos per 3 days so according to that till 15th july this playlist will be having total 58 videos. So sir i request you to please upload videos as fast as you can.
    Huge respect to youtubers like you who provides free and quality contents to students???.

  2. Sir you already had made a playlist for javascript named JavaScript Tutorial for Beginners , then why another playlist for the same. Can i go with that or should i wait for you to upload all the videos?

  3. Hello sir, I want to built-up my carrier in Web developer, I am having my certificate in JavaScript, i don't have any technical background, is it possible to get job… Plz reply…

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