This dark and deep future garage playlist is the perfect source of inspiration during intense work sessions. Whether you program, code, design, edit, create content, trade crypto, or work with large amounts of information, this selection of atmospheric instrumentals will help you to stay focused, productive, and motivated for the next hour. Futuristic night vibes given off by the mix are ideal for concentrating, focusing, and getting back into the workflow. Dark bass, dreamy melodies, and dynamic rhythms of the tracks will boost your energy and drive your motivation giving you that extra push.
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Genre: Electronic music
Style: Future Garage
Mood: Night, Smooth, Dark, Atmospheric, Cyber
Feature: No prominent lyrics

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? Tracklist
в–є 00:00 Mudro – Closer
в–є 03:58 Lazarus Moment – Sanning
в–є 07:49 Scrvz, Cuemoonmusic – Silence
в–є 12:18 Saynn – What Lies Beneath
в–є 17:00 Lazarus Moment – All Things Pass
в–є 20:33 Keltic, Whitelines – Shift
в–є 22:53 Jai – Reticent
в–є 25:47 Miraj – Exilus
в–є 29:29 Cuemoonmusic – Late Night
в–є 33:24 DarkSora – Out of Time
в–є 36:15 Jai – Spectral
в–є 38:45 Polluting – Drifting
в–є 41:23 Darksora – Find Me
в–є 43:04 VonnBoyd – Astrid
в–є 46:31 Rest – I make my own rain fall
в–є 48:43 VonnBoyd – Maroon
в–є 53:58 Everous – When I Feel You
в–є 56:15 Mudro – Store
в–є 59:27 Linear Curb – Menagerie

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17 thoughts on “Dark Electronic Music — Future Garage for Coding, Programming, Hacking”
  1. When the music oems together and when I can feel the orchestra sounds Vibrating all through my body. It's kinda like seeding the vibe then connecting another vibe together forming a Гµem that creates the Altra combo vibes with assorted instruments… I really enjoy the music flow that oems with me.. feels good! That's only 1ne of the daily and k..nightly inspiration's..Thank you!

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