CS:GO – Server Crash Exploit [FIXED]

I made this video public in order to get this issue into the limelight, and fixed ASAP. Every exploit I’ve ever posted on my channel has been fixed very shortly afterwards, I’m hoping the same will happen with this.
I won’t post the exact characters here so it gets seen, but not abused to a ridiculous extent.

Credit goes to: http://www.reddit.com/user/joksaw
For finding this exploit, although he is associated with the cheaters from my previous video, I still have to give credit where it is due.

Song at the end: Nocon – Gucci Gucci

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Do you have any sick demos for me that include?:

– Fast 5man Spraydowns
– Flashbang/Smoke/Decoy kills
– Ninja Defuses [No dust2/common defuses]
– Sick Aces / 1vs5 Clutches
– 5 man grenade kills
– Wallbangs
– Triple Kills (1 bullet 3 kills)
– Sick Team-kills

First, consult the demo sending guide so you get it right:

Then after you’ve watched the demo sending guide, please send them my way and you could be in the series! Click here:

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