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Crew 2.0 on the Sandbox Server: The Details

Crew 2.0 on the Sandbox Server: The Details

Crew is one of the few mechanics in World of Tanks that has long remained fairly unchanged. We are currently expecting a global update to the Crew system. Take part in the new iteration of the Sandbox, test the new Training Plan, learn how the Crew conversion will work, who the Instructors are and how to get them, and more. And, most importantly, share your opinion.

We will make World of Tanks better together!

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00:00 – 00:25 Introduction
00:25 – 00:56 What is a Sandbox?
00:56 – 02:18 Issues with the current crew
02:18 – 03:00 Crew 2.0
03:00 – 06:09 Skill system
06:09 – 06:38 Professional expertise
06:38 – 07:50 Training and retraining crews
07:50 – 09:18 Instructors
09:18 – 11:24 Conversion
11:24 – 12:23 Conclusion


35 thoughts on “Crew 2.0 on the Sandbox Server: The Details

  1. Ok… after 7 years of WoT it seems the time to quit playing is coming. I haven't finished to change all my tanks equipment and then I'll have to adapt all my crews too?
    I understand that they try to make the game more firendly to new players, but It is despicable to screw oldest ones in the process, and screw those years grinding crews, and spending gold for retrains, resets and barrack bunks.
    I think they will apply it anyway, regardless of our opinion. I will be expectant on the change, meanwhile I'm not spending a single more dollar in this game.
    (Sorry for bad English, I hope you still undrestand it)

  2. This totally screws people who have been grinding elite crews for years. I have three 8 skill crews. This system turns them to trash. 7 years of accumulated xp just gone. And how about compensation for the crew books I spent on Santa commanders taking advantage of the BIA+ skill situation. And how about compensation for the premium tanks I bought only to buff these crews? 2000 battles in Panther 8.8. Thanks. I stopped playing awhile ago and would be coming back. You're literally destroying a reason to play the game. Good lord.

  3. So far the biggest pain is that it feels like a nerf across the board for my favorite tanks with brothers in arms removed- reload has increased, tank is more sluggish- even with "very skilled" crews under the new system.

  4. Seriously though, how do Instructors work? Are the +2 +1 Perks randomly chosen? Maybe I want to have +2 spotting not +1 and not to mention if the perk doesn't even show up it's all permanent

  5. I have never seen this issue on any forum as being a problem with the player base. The most complained about issue is Maps and second is MM. Third levels off but Bias has a very slight lead. Crews does not make the list other than some mention of useless skills and grips about various crew sizes from one tank to another. But those are few and far between. Somehow this is what they chose to focus on? Buffs and nerfs that were promised, two gun tanks not Soviet, arty, and the biggest little problem EBR's
    But somehow they think this (most likely for money making) is more important to the game right now. SMH 😲

  6. Waaay too complicated! I hate having to even think about crews now. I just want to play the battles and not have to waste my time screwing around with all this new minutia regarding crews. Not a fan of these proposed changes.

  7. Seems this would be a much better priority.
    "It would be nice if you could add new maps and/or rework the ones you removed. and also fix matchmaking that would be great!"

    Just from me: Please remove all the Soviet Bias.

  8. I guess the main part of this is they want the crew's to be under one thing/unified crew's and making it to where you can balance the crew's skill's. So say you have your commander and and he only has six sense BUT only that skill. This makes everything more customizable, so I could have 10 of these new points and spilt them between, Jack of all trade's and concealment and have a BLANCED commander or more things like that. For me I play light tank's, I could put what goes with my play style and preference. With the rest it's kind of confusing put I have a good idea of what's happening.


    Idk why I put my name :/

  9. This looks great. The current crew system is too rigid and does not reward beyond 3-4 skills. Now we will actually get to customize our crew and see progression. Great work!

  10. Honestly I have no problem with this proposed plan. I like the variety that is offered in a lot more skill/perk types and I hope they bring some variety to the game as it is currently all the same thing. My only complaints are that it will be a lot of work to sort out existing crews for those who have been playing a long time and I feel that re-specing the commanders should be cheaper.

  11. So, how does this improve lopsided matchmaking? While I agree a crew overhaul is in order, I'm not familiar with this being something the masses have asked for. The masses continue ask for MM fixes to no avail. How hard would it be to have MM perform a final player shuffle (tank type for tank type) based on players Personal Rank?

  12. Well WG I have been at this game since Beta, I have in that time seen many changes and embraced them to a point. I know take screen shots of each tank and equipment in the garage before any mega update as I have found a few losses on the "easy switch over". So I will be logging on and sending in my application to be a sandbox tester yet again and sadly I hope that you are NOT taking any lessons from the Ultra Fail Game of World of Warplanes, that is the worst MMO game out there. BARF. At first it looks a great deal like you are picking that format for vehicle control. But as I seen in many of the postings The Crew Trainer idea looks extra dumb. Click and Go, you put too much in the plumbing and the crapper is just going to back up. Keep it Simple Silly.

  13. Say NO to crew 2.0!! For those of us with multiple crews of 6+ skills the compensation is negligible. All that work put into grinding those crews will be irrelevant if this gets implemented. Quit trying to make this PC game into the console version or into WOWS. They will lose a huge portion of their paying player base if this happens, if they want to add new skills then hell yeah, but crew 2.0 how they see it is a no go for me.

  14. Personally I like the changes, minus the instructors which same over complicated. I would much rather be able to experiment with my crew and see what I like on each of them, rather than them choosing all my skills for me. Yeah it will take a while go through each of them, but I literally only do a session with specific tanks anyways. You also have to think about the how this will change the meta for each type of tank and it gives you more skills with more customization so you can better tailor your tank to how you like to play the game.

    Ex. It looked like you had a skill that raises your dpm or makes it more accurate. I would love experimenting on the STB-1 with this since the gun already has monstrous dpm, but I'm also interested in getting all my shots to hit, that combined with say adrenaline rush in a late game situation would be crazy. It seems like it give you way more flexibility.

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