Create A Dynamic Calendar in HTML CSS & JavaScript | Calendar in JavaScript

In this video, I’ve shown how to Create A Dynamic Calendar in HTML CSS & JavaScript. In this calendar, users can see the current date and the day of the week. They can also see the past or future month days using the previous and next icons.

View Live Demo of this Calendar

Source codes will be available soon on

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0:00 Demo of Calendar
1:28 HTML & CSS Start
10:57 JavaScript Start
11:21 Working on Current Date
13:46 Working on Month Days
16:49 Working on Prev & Next Icons
19:05 Showing Previous Month Last Days
21:11 Showing Next Month First Days
23:45 Showing Next or Previous Year Calendar

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  1. @CodingNepal can you plz make a video about "text code area " similar to your website "codingnepal". I know you make a video about it on your second channel but can you make upgraded version of it

  2. I did not see someone coder like you on you tube i am just shock how could you make such as applications where no one youtubers even tells and makes such as application they just makes simple websites. If have to join genuine software company need to be coder like you

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