COTPS Trading Platform Review | Trading Automation Set-up for Mac (NEW VPS)


In this crypto investing review, I am sharing my COTPS Trading platform review. In this COTPS trading platform Review, I also show how to set-up trading automation for mac users.

If you would like to enroll after watching the COTP Review, you can use this link: This page has videos to show you how to get everything set up properly.

The COTPS Trading platform allows you to earn profits from crypto arbitrage trading every 2 hours. You have the potential to earn up to 3.6% daily from the trading. The minimum deposit to start is $9.

For more info on crypto arbitrage as a trading strategy visit this page from coin desk

It is very important that we diversify because anything could happen.

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Here are the platforms that are paying consistently:

🔥🔥 NovaTech 🔥🔥
🗣Earn 3%- 4% per week
🗣Can compound earnings
🗣Can Withdraw Principle
🗣Referral Rewards
🗣Been around for 2 years
🗣The Owner is present and very transparent

🔥🔥 EminiFx🔥🔥
🗣Earn 5%- 9.95% per week
🗣Can compound earnings at $99
🗣Can Withdraw Principle
🗣Referral Rewards
🗣The corporate team hosts weekly zoom calls
EminiFx Referral Link:

🔥🔥 MetaFi Yielders🔥🔥
$100 – $2499 pays 1% per day for 30 days.
$2500+ pays 3.3% per day for 30 days.
$10,000+ Pays 4.2% per day for 30 days.
These returns are achieved through the First Ever Metaverse Specific Yield Farming strategies.
Each contract pays out DAILY for 30 ‘business’ days Monday – Friday (42 calendar days) at the end of each contract our principal is returned.
There is no limit to the number of contracts we can have.
🗣 All funds are insured from loss with a $20m policy (link to document below)
🗣 was registered as a limited liability company neither as a bank nor a security firm. Placing deposits with is insured by Allianz Insurance company. Therefore your profits, commissions, and earnings are insured.
🗣 Enroll Here:
🗣 From the CEO: What is METAFI YIELDERS? –
🗣 Company registration with the ASIC of Australia:
🗣 Insurance policy certificate:
🗣 Presentation PDF:
🗣 FAQ:

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As always, only invest what you are willing to lose.

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Stay Tuned for another review!

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  1. Hello anthony
    How you're doing ?
    I saw a video of jackson armstrong, and he said you had a script to use on mac. I would like to register on cotps with your affiliate link. how can i have your script please? have a good sunday

  2. Hey Anthony, do you have any idea how multiple COTP users can be set up on the same VPS account? If so, can you please share where exactly inside the script multiple users can be added? I know it’s possible…I’m just unsure how each user can be added to the same script. Thank you.

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