Claiming a Gen 2 Server & the Start of a War ! ARK OFFICIAL SMALLTRIBES

Welcome back to a new video on my Channel in todays video we gonna Build ourselfs a new base on a Gen 2 server in #ark official #smalltribes after that we gonna fight against a tribe called Disney+ .
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also ive said that im gonna leak my gram at 15 k subs. ill prolly do that in a few days from now

the music ive used in todays video
@Infraction – No Copyright Music


Ark: Survival Evolved is a survival game, as it says in its title. It occupies the same space as Minecraft, Rust, H1Z1 Just Survive, Dayz, and more. It’s a game where you’re thrust into a hostile world with nothing and you have to punch, mine, and gather your way to bigger and better things.



49 thoughts on “Claiming a Gen 2 Server & the Start of a War ! ARK OFFICIAL SMALLTRIBES

  1. Congrats on 15k man! I'm a new subscriber and I can confirm your video's are insanely underrated, your content is really interesting to watch and is never a dull moment, gonna be coming back here more often that's for sure! <3

  2. If your content is good you will get the likes and views. if its shit you wont. don't try sucking up to hard at the start of a video brother its an instant off click for some people. good video keep it up

  3. My guy, I love your content. But I won't lie, the beginning begging for likes and subs is starting to get annoying. I know its not just you, alot of you tubers do it. But I just find it a nuisance. If I like the content, I'll like and subscribe anyway.

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