Are you about to buy the domain for your blog or website? STOP! There are 3 things you should do before you click ‘buy’. I own and operate multiple websites and I’ve probably purchase 30-40 domains in my career. Needless to say, I have a lot of experience in this area and I’ve learned that the best domains are purchased after I do these 3 things! | Choosing a Domain Name: Do This FIRST!

You can find Namecheckr here:

How to Choose a Domain Name When the One You Love is Taken: 120 Domain Name Modifiers:

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23 thoughts on “Choosing a Domain Name: Do This FIRST!”
  1. She's right about that privacy protection. I bought a domain name and managed to click the wrong box and turn it off. I discovered my mistake within 30 minutes or less and turned it back on. But then it was too late. That was a year ago, and I am still getting calls and emails from people wanting to design my website. For the first six weeks to two months, it was living hell. Now I only have to deal with a couple of calls a week.

  2. Cryptocurrencies,one

    A professional domain name with a great addition to cryptocurrency related projects. Like the domain extension, you can become the number one in your market!
    .one is a top-level domain (TLD) this plays an important role in the domain name system (DNS).

  3. Seriously confused. Yesterday I was in knots after one of your videos thinking I needed to change my domain name to my name. Now the algorithm feeds me this video.

  4. Great vid Allison ?
    Launching my first website and I would like to have a .com address instead of an .fr or .eu – I want to reach out to the world. I'm based in France but English is my first language. Would Google Domains be a good domain registrar?

  5. I see a lot of new youtubers that are growing big online and don't bother to buy there "brand name" domain. So i buy it and use it to send traffic to my site or an affiliate site.

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