Chlöe x AMAS performance & Cardi b hosting review | MEGAN thee Stallion & Cardi b win BIG at AMAS

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37 thoughts on “ChlГ¶e x AMAS performance & Cardi b hosting review | MEGAN thee Stallion & Cardi b win BIG at AMAS

  1. Chloe is considered a new artist. She is still learning. I'm sure once she get it down packed, she is gonna great. Give her a break. Calling her Walmart Yonce is not nice. She can't be to bad because everyone who has something negative to say is still watching and listening to her.

  2. The only best thing at the AMAS was Chloe performance, New Edition and New kids on the block performance , Bruno Mars performance and Cardi opening at the very beginning. That’s about it to be honest. Those were my favorite moments ?. I expected more. Unfortunately. ??

  3. I didn’t watch the AMAs to commentate on Cardi’s hosting but I think award shows are going down hill because obviously megastars don’t attend and I think they don’t attend because they are tired of being disrespected by these award shows on all scales. The people who put these award shows together think they can do megastars any kind of way as if they don’t bring in their ratings. For instance, Jeezy and Gucci are two artist who are hardly ever considered for Grammys and their Versuz battle alone had more viewership than the Grammys ?

  4. Silk sonic was the best performance to me. Chloe did better than last time. The award show was boring like you said no one was there. I missed it bc i was out but i saw clips on Twitter. Cardi did good i heard and she’s entertaining bc of her personality and humor she looked good too.

  5. The A listers don’t care to support the award shows especially since they’ve all witness the weekend ROBB from a Grammy, considering he was the longest charting artist on billboard and been top 10 for months.

  6. cardi’s is so cringy to me and she tries to be funny by doing to much and it comes off as ingenuine. Her outfits were great tho. I thought Nicki’s hosting was great. I really hope she does more tv cuz she’s naturally good at doing it

  7. Ever since nicki, Beyonce, Rihanna, Katy perry, lady gaga, Justin Bieber, drake, Kanye, Kim, Taylor swift, Britney, Ariana and Chris brown stopped attending the award shows, they have been boring. Maybe it's because that was the best Era in music. And it kinda hard to let's go of that Era and embrace the new generation of artists

  8. The fact that Lebron James and Nicki Minaj were trending 1 & 2 during an award show hosted by the so called “queen of hiphop” says a lot. Im glad I gave watching Chloe‘s performance a chance she actually performed really well, she impressed me. Her dancing needs to be a lot better. Not giving up on her just yet. Hopefully she doesn’t take 10 steps backwards by doing something annoying.

  9. Chole cool she need a banger banger tho they have all the money & the studio all the beats & instruments so there’s no excuse plus they can work with any1 they want basically ??‍♂️

  10. Yeah. I watched ChloГ©'s performance and you're right it was 1000x better than the VMA's. It didn't feel like we were watching the Sasha Fierce entity. This felt more authentic to ChloГ© herself.

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